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Weed TikToks to Keep You Entertained

Are you looking for entertaining weed TikToks? We’ve got you covered. Fire up your blunts, gather your fast flowering seeds, or warm up your space brownie. Here’s a hand-picked selection of cannabis-friendly creators who put the toke in TikTok. Scroll through and enjoy.

1. SativaDiva1997

Kadija, also known as Sativa Diva, is one stoned TikToker. This non-gender viral sensation has an action-packed series called Baked Tales, where they get higher than a kite and present various themes. The video topics are unique because there’s no way anyone not buzzed could come up with them. 

This weed TikTok account has a personal touch as Kadija applies the premises of popular shows to their life. They have the perfect balance of humor and excitement. 

Here are some of their hilarious video titles:

  • “Which Good Omens Character Could Defeat Me in a Limbo Contest” 
  • “Which Addams Family Character I Would Trust to Find Supplies if We Were All on a Deserted Island” 
  • “Which Squid Games Character Would Defeat Me in a Go-Cart Race” 

2. MedicatedMarley

This creator owns one of the fastest-growing weed-related accounts on the app. She’s a canaboss on a mission to educate viewers with CBD TikToks about products that could help various symptoms. She has a unique delivery style that’s professional yet entertaining. 

Marley makes one-of-a-kind content and also reviews products from cannabis-related brands. If you’re interested in trying CBD oils or related items, check out her page to decide if they’re worth buying. 

Watch our top MedicatedMarley videos:

  • “Gooooo Bad B*tches Go” collab with Stonyah Blaze 
  • “Say It Backwards, You Chasing Me”

3. Jackey_420

Jackey_420 is one of the social media app’s most entertaining cannabis product reviewers. He started by making funny Instagram posts and now has a substantial following on both platforms. Some call him the high guy on TikTok

He presents his videos in a funny, lighthearted way and sometimes collaborates with his wife under their shared account Mr.mrsjackey420. Jackey does hilarious stunts like smoking from a drone and hits all kinds of interestingly shaped joints. 

These are our favorite moments on the page:

  • “By Ben Ben” (Cute dog alert) 
  • “#asiansquatsocialclub”
  • “Hot Pot Dinner” (Munches inducing)

4. ShadesofSyd

Visit Syd’s page for positive vibes only. She makes creative cannabis content, including amusing skits where she portrays THC and CBD. They’re the perfect videos to watch when you’re stoned

She doesn’t just do comedic acts. Syd promoted #canna4climate and encouraged viewers to join an environmental cleanup the day after 420. This event showed how much stoners care for the planet and want to live green lifestyles.

Her account offers heartfelt videos for stoner-based pep talks encouraging you to keep going when you’re struggling. She also has a range of CBD skin care products that keep you beautifully calm. 

Check out these ShadesofSyd TikToks:

  • “THC to the Other Cannabinoids” 
  • “When He Says You Smoke Too Much” 
  • “A Whole Vibe” 

5. IndohGoddess

Calling all cannamoms, this TikToker makes hilarious parent-specific cannabis content. She creates skits that all stoner guardians can relate to, like dealing with stress with a fat blunt. Her channel is a safe space for mamas who want to enjoy marijuana without guilt.

Her content targets childminders, but she makes other general stoner videos too. She releases funny weed TikToks that are creative and entertaining. 

The titles from IndohGoddess we recommend are:

  • “POV: When Someone Asks You Parenting Tips” 
  • “When My Kid Tells Me There’s a Monster in Their Closet” 
  • “POV: You’re a Mom Running Errands by Yourself, Just Vibing” 

6. SheSmokesJoints

This female cannabis photographer first found fame on Instagram. SheSmokesJoints, AKA Courtney, also films impressive joint-rolling tutorials that her followers rate world-class. For a newer creator, she has a remarkable selection of videos. 

Her content is unique as it’s not all cannabis-related. Courtney posts footage of the stunning natural scenery surrounding her home in Hawaii. Which stoner doesn’t enjoy gorgeous views?

Our top picks from this influencer are: 

  • “Everyday Occurrence” 
  • “Found a Swing by the Ocean” 
  • “If You Know You Know”

7. TheHighWoman

This TikTok cannabis creator also gained a significant following on Instagram before moving to videos. TheHighWoman is relatively new to the platform but has already received thousands of views. 

She educates her fans on everything marijuana-related, from medicinal uses to tricky subject matter like how it might affect your moods.

TheHighWoman also covers weed products like CBD oils or cannabis seed banks, along with a few funnier videos. It’s an excellent page to check out when you’re in the mood to just vibe.

Here are some of our fave picks: 

  • “Going on a Hot Girl Walk at Work When It’s Slow” 
  • “Unboxing a Zig Zag Gift Pack” 
  • “Getting Stoned and Paranoid”

8. CheechandChong

There’s no better stoner content than Cheech and Chong’s weed TikToks. Watching them do iconic skits and reliving their golden years makes you feel warm and fuzzy, like smoking a blunt with old friends.

Enjoy hilarious videos of them trying TikTok dances, performing spoofs with their families, and lip-syncing. They also upload Cheech and Chong classics like scenes from their smash-hit movies and stand up routines.

Their finest moments are when they participate in TikTok challenges like the teenage dirtbag lip-sync contest. 

Our most-loved videos from this legendary duo are:

  • “POV: You’re Watching Us Perform This Classic” 
  • “Best Friends for Over 50 Years”
  • “Nail Tech”

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