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Are you experiencing issues using the Reddit app on your device? Here, we have explained how to fix the Reddit app sound not working.

Reddit is an online community where you can meet people of similar interests. You can follow topics related to what you love.

On the platform, you can make posts, including texts, pictures and videos. Also, you can rate other posts by rating them appropriately using the Upvote and Downvote button.

However, some users are currently having issues using the Reddit app. For some, the Reddit app is not working, while it is not loading correctly for others. Whatever the case may be, we have got you covered.

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Please note that Reddit videos are muted by default. To use sound on the Reddit app, you need to enable the audio feature by selecting the speaker icon from the bottom right corner of the video player.

Below, we have explained why the Reddit app is not working and how to fix it.

Why is the Reddit Sound Not Working?

Reddit Sound Not Working for you could be for some reasons. These include technical issues in the app, or the device volume is down.

Also, you may have your network connection turned off, or your device is running on the low data mode. Otherwise, you might have cache issues, or your network has been limited.

These issues can be fixed by updating the app from your Google Play Store or App Store, clearing the app cache, or switching to a different network.

Fixed: Reddit Sound Not Working

How to Fix “Reddit Sound Not Working”?

1.     Enable Play on Tap Feature

Visit the settings tab on the Reddit app and switch to “play on tap”.

2.     Turn off Quiet Audio Mode

When the Reddit app is on quiet audio mode, sound from a video won’t play unless it is disabled. Proceed to Settings, then “advanced”.

Next, locate the “quiet audio mode” and turn it off.

3.     Increase Your Device Sound

Reddit sound not working might be because your device sound volume is low or on silent. Try increasing the volume of your sound and see if it works.

4.     Switch your network

You may have issues loading the Reddit app if you have an unstable network or slow internet access. If you have good internet access and the app refuses to work, it could be that your network has been limited.

In this case, you will need to switch to a different network. If you are on mobile data, you may consider changing to a Wi-Fi network and vice-versa.

Also, you can set your phone in airplane mode and then remove it. This will let you connect with a new server.

5.     Clear your app cache

You can clear the app cache to fix the Reddit Sound not working. Cache issues usually prevent apps from functioning well.

You can clear the Reddit app cache on Android from your Settings. Go to App Management, locate and choose the Reddit App. Select the clear cache option, and the Reddit App cache is freed.

Launch your Settings app and visit the General tab to clear your iPhone’s Reddit app cache. Under this, choose Reddit and then the iPhone Storage. Finally, select the delete option and reinstall the Reddit app.

6.     Disable your VPN

If you are connected to a VPN service, kindly disable them before using the Reddit app. VPN connection could prevent the Reddit app from working.

Try disabling your VPN connection to fix this issue, then use the Reddit app again.

7.     Disable Battery Saver Mode

The power-saving mode or battery saver in some devices affects how a device and its apps perform. When enabled, some functions and features will not work. This could be the reason why the sound is not working.

To fix Reddit Sound Not Working, disable your device’s battery saver or power savings.

8.     Remove and reinstall the app

To fix the Reddit Sound Not Working, you can remove and reinstall the Reddit app to clear the app cache and install the updated version. You can remove the app from the Google Play Store or App Store or your device settings.

Reinstalling Reddit also helps the app to start running afresh.

9.     Update the app

If you haven’t updated the Reddit app in a while, your device might be running on an unsupported version. Hence, the reason you have issues using the app.

To fix the Reddit Sound Not Working, you must update the Reddit app to the most recent version. To do that, visit the Google Play Store if you use an Android device or App Store for iOS.

Updating the Reddit app will help you fix bugs and glitches that may be introduced in the previous version if the update is meant for bug fixes and performance improvements.

10.     Ensure the app is compatible

The Reddit app could be incompatible with your device. In this case, you will have issues using the app.

If the Reddit app is not working correctly, check that it is compatible with your phone. If you find out your device is incompatible, try using the app on a different phone, and the problem will be fixed.

11.     Ensure your date & time settings are correct

Sound not working may be a result of incorrect date & time settings on your device. Ensure that the date & time on your device are synced and correct.

Afterwards, you can try reloading the Reddit app to see if it works.

12.     Restart your device

Restarting your mobile phone could be the solution you need to fix the Reddit app issue. Restart your device, then start the app again. It should be running perfectly now.

13.     Wait for a while

Sometimes, the Reddit Sound Not Working might be a technical error, or the server is down. In this case, you can only wait till the technical team resolve the issue.

In many cases, the Reddit team are already aware of the situation and must be working to ensure the problem is resolved. Hence, there is nothing you can do than to wait.


The Reddit app could not work due to various factors. To fix the issue, kindly follow the solutions provided on this page. However, if there is a technical issue or the server is down, you will have to wait for the support team to fix it.

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Fixed: Reddit Sound Not Working

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