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Would you like to get more from Midjourney AI? In this post, we have provided the list of Midjourney Prompts.

The Midjourney independent research helps to discover new ways to represent our thoughts and human imaginations. The self-funded team focuses on AI, design and human infrastructure.

The Midjourney team comprises 11 staff members and a good number of advisors. The advisors are the CTO of Tenstorrent – Jim Keller, the CEO of GitHub – Nat Friedman; the Founder of Second Life – Philip Rosedale and the Founder of Avid Technology – Bill Warner.

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The team made one of the best AI tools to generate art on Discord. You can generate up to 4 images with the AI based on the words by typing keywords.

It also allows scaling your images to generate different formats for the idea.

Interestingly, you do not need to join their server before you can use the tool. You can do this by simply adding the bot to your server. This will prevent you from scrolling every time to view your generated images.

Using prompts, you can make Midjourney AI generate images for you. However, this needs to be well described for the image to correspond to what you need.

For instance, the “/imagine prompt: colourful butterfly” command in Midjourney will give you an image of what the AI takes as a colourful butterfly. In many instances, using such a simple adjective will only generate a simple result which may not suit your need.

Instead, try using multiple adjectives and detailed descriptions in your command line. This will allow the AI to generate an image that suits your need.

Hence, instead of “colourful butterfly”, try using an exact phrase like “a rainbow-coloured butterfly flying across a field of flowers during a sunset”. This will give a better result than the first command.

List of Midjourney Prompts

Below, we have provided the list of Midjourney prompts.

List of Midjourney prompts

  1. 8k
  2. Anthropomorphic
  3. Atmospheric
  4. Atompunk
  5. Bionic futurism
  6. Cinematic lighting
  7. Concept art
  8. Cyberpunk
  9. Dramatic lighting
  10. Dynamic
  11. Fantastic backlight
  12. Futurism
  13. HDR
  14. Hyperrealistic
  15. Internal glow
  16. Intricate filigree metal design
  17. Iridescent
  18. Maximum texture
  19. Multiverse
  20. Octane render
  21. Photorealistic
  22. Ray tracing
  23. Realistic CGI
  24. Rim lighting
  25. Sharp focus
  26. Soft lighting
  27. Steampunk
  28. Studio light
  29. Surreal
  30. Symmetrical
  31. Time loop
  32. Unreal engine
  33. Very detailed
  34. Volumetric

Special Tips for Midjourney Prompts

  1. Use simple and common words like king, queen, knight, wizard, dragon.
  2. Your phrase needs to be specific. Take the “A rainbow-coloured butterfly flying across a field of flowers during a sunset” phrase as an example.
  3. Ensure you combine adjectives that best describe the image you want. Words like “Beautiful, colourful, detailed, intricate, massive, powerful”.
  4. If you want an art style, add the name of an artist. Names like Vincent Van Gogh, Picasso, Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher.
  5. Illustrate the style you want. Words like “Abstract, Contemporary, Cubism, Cyberpunk, Fantasy, Impressionism, Minimal, Modern, Realism, Surrealism” will help.
  6. For a more accurate result, be specific with the computer graphics type like Octane render, Unreal Engine and Ray tracing.

Midjourney Prompts Illustration Examples

Ice Cream Sundae Illustration:

ice cream sundae, delicious, glistening, cherries, marshmallows, highly detailed, octane render. 

Charcuterie Board Illustration:

charcuterie board with multicolored alien cheeses, with glowing mold and fungus

Café Illustration:

a minimalist contemporary cafe with a large round zen window view of a starry nebula, interior environment design, contemporary furniture, candlelight, 8k, octane render, arch viz, modern, space opera, ray-traced, medium format

Fishes Illustration:

glass of water, fishes, photo-realistic, fine details, unreal engine

Warrior and knight Illustration:

enraged warrior, monsterlike armor, living armor, character design, full body portrait, organic armor, high detail, intricate detail

Orchestra Illustration:

an orchestra of characters playing instruments on fire in a chapel + surrounded by ghosts made out of chiselled marble + raining, divine, stained glass, octane render, black and white, vibrant, 12th century, ambient occlusion, dynamic lighting, oil


Ensure you use multiple adjectives and detailed descriptions in your command line to allow the AI to generate an image that suits your need.

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List of Midjourney Prompts

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