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How to Fix GOG Galaxy Oops Something Went Wrong

Are you having issues with GOG Galaxy? Here, we have explained how to fix GOG Galaxy oops something went wrong.

GOG Galaxy is an app that helps to organize your games on different platforms and convert them into a functional library. It also allows you to keep track of all your achievements in a game.

GOG Galaxy also records hours played and games owned across all platforms. It installs and launches any PC game on any platform.

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Many users of GOG Galaxy are experiencing issues using it. The app was reported to be returning an “Oops Something Went Wrong” error.

Below, we have explained why the GOG Galaxy oops something went wrong and how to fix it.

How to Fix GOG Galaxy Oops Something Went Wrong

Why the GOG Galaxy “Oops Something Went Wrong” Error?

The GOG Galaxy returning the “oops something went wrong” can be a result of one of the following reasons.

You may have issues with your internet connection or a glitch/bug in the GOG Galaxy app. Also, the cache file could be corrupted and lead to an error.


How to Fix “GOG Galaxy Oops Something Went Wrong”

1.     Check your network connection

Check if you have access to a good internet connection or if it has been limited. Also, you might be running low on data, or your internet speed is low.

Troubleshoot for all possible network issues which could result in the GOG Galaxy oops something went the wrong problem. A stable internet connection and good speed may be all you need to fix the issue.

2.     Clear your app cookies/cache

In many cases, clearing the app cache will help you fix the issues. You can fix the “GOG Galaxy Oops Something Went Wrong” problem by removing the GOG Galaxy app cookies/cache.

To do that, open “File Explorer” on your PC and paste the location below into it.


Now, look out for a folder named with numbers and rename it with a backup attached to it. For example, 12345 becomes 12345_backup.

3.     Remove and reinstall the app

Removing and reinstalling the app from your PC will help you have the updated version. Reinstalling GOG Galaxy also allows the app to start running afresh.

4.     Update the app

If you haven’t updated GOG Galaxy in a while, your PC might be running on an unsupported version. Hence, the reason you have issues using the app.

To fix GOG Galaxy oops something went wrong error. You need to update it to the most recent release. This will help you fix bugs and glitches in the app.

5.     Restart your device

To fix the problem, try to restart your PC. After restarting your device, relaunch the app and check if it runs perfectly.

6.     Wait for a while

Sometimes, the GOG Galaxy oops something went wrong error might be a technical error, or the server is down. In this case, you can only wait till the technical team resolve the issue.

In many cases, the GOG Galaxy team are already aware of the situation and must be working to ensure the problem is resolved. Hence, there is nothing you can do than to wait.



To fix the “GOG Galaxy Oops Something Went Wrong” error, clear the cookies/cache, and the app will run smoothly. If the server is down or the app is affected by a bug, you will need to wait until the technical team resolves things.

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How to Fix GOG Galaxy Oops Something Went Wrong

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