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Would you like to know more about a Netflix series? Here, we have discussed how many episodes are in Delhi Crime Season 2.

Netflix is a go-to app when it is time to relax and watch a movie. It is a streaming platform providing access to many films, series and documentaries.

Netflix subscribers pay a monthly fee to access the platform. However, you can also take advantage of its free trial and continue to use Netflix forever.

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There are many movies, series and shows across different genres on Netflix. One of the fantastic crime dramas you can watch is the return of Delhi Crime.

The Indian series was written and directed by Richie Mehta. Interestingly, it premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

In 2019, the entire first season came to Netflix and had since garnered varying reactions from audiences and fans. Recently, a new season has been made, and Netflix users can now stream.

Below, we have explained how many episodes are in Delhi Crime season 2.

How Many Episodes in Delhi Crime Season 2?

Delhi Crime Season 2 was released in five episodes and premiered on Netflix on August 26th 2022.

As a Netflix user, the series is now available, and you can binge it on various platforms that support Netflix.

Although, the new season 2 with five episodes seems shorter than the first season, which has seven episodes in total. However, there are many narratives put into consideration by the writers.

Is Delhi Crime Season 3 Coming?

Unfortunately, there has been no news about the Season 3 of the series from Netflix or the series creators yet. Therefore, there is no indication whether the series will be renewed yet.

However, we will keep you updated if there is any news in the coming days.

How Many Episodes in Delhi Crime Season 2


We have discussed the number of episodes in the series.

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