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Do you want to know more about the latest trend online? Here, we have explained the meaning of the Cbat Hudson Mohawke Reddit Meme.

Social media helps to discover many trends online. Most times, new trends are introduced on social media platforms weekly.

As a result, it has helped many users to discover how creative they are while having the fun of their life.

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Like many other trends, the meme emerged on Twitter and continues to trend across other major social media platforms.

Representing people and discussing memes on social media is an everyday act. Many users of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat cannot do without them.

On Twitter, for example, we have seen replies to tweets being expressed by a meme. However, instead of new memes trending on the platform, old ones keep resurfacing.

The Cbat Hudson Mohawke Reddit trend has gone viral, and we have shed some light on what the famous meme means.

A song titled Cbat made by Hudson Mohawke purportedly went viral on TikTok due to a Reddit story. Eventually, the Reddit user who created the story was made fun of by using it for memes.

The way the memes are used can confuse people due to a lack of context. Also, many who just heard the song don’t know why it is trending.

Below, we have explained the Cbat Hudson Mohawke Reddit meme.

Cbat Hudson Mohawke Reddit Meme

A Reddit u/TylerLife posted a story in the r/tifu community on Reddit. The story was titled:

“TIFU / My (20F) girlfriend of two years told me the music that I (25M) play during s*x is weird and a major turn off”.

Tyler narrated how he researched better ways to help him become less stiff and better in bed, which led him to search for love-making songs that he eventually has as a playlist.

He explained that a song in the playlist, his favourite got his girlfriend turned off because she doesn’t like it. She would eventually open up to him and tell him she hated the song after two years.

The girlfriend’s reason for picking on the song was because it gives Tyler perfect morale for doing the deed, which makes him devastated.


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The humorous story has continued to trend across some major social media platforms for its nature. It has had more than 70k upvotes and over 500 Reddit awards.

Also, the story was posted on TikTok and now has over 14 million views and is a trend allowing others users to make videos using the song.

Although the song was criticized, it still got views on YouTube. Many users also talk about the Reddit user story under the song YouTube comment section.

There are different reactions to the story. While some people criticize the lady for waiting two years to complain about the song, others blame the narrator for choosing the type of song for that purpose.

However, the story’s authenticity was not confirmed, and we cannot ascertain if the story is true or fiction.

Who is Hudson Mohawke?

Hudson Mohawke, also known as Ross Matthew Birchard, is a producer and DJ from Glasgow, Scotland. His DJ stage name is DJ Itchy, and he is famous for being the youngest UK DMC finalist at 15.

He was signed in to Warp Records in 2009 and released his first debut album titled Butter afterwards. In 2012, Hudson signed with the GOOD Music production team owned by Kanye West and has since produced for famous artists, including Drake and A$AP Rocky.

Recently, his song titled “Cbat” from the “Satin Panthers” album went viral on Reddit, TikTok, YouTube and other social media platforms. It was narrated that a Reddit user posted a humoured story about how his girlfriend hated the song and won’t tell her until after two years.

A Twitter user, @punished_cait, also made a tweet about the story and has about 200k likes. The official account of Hudson Mohawke also retweeted it.


We have explained the meaning of the meme. Now you know what the catchphrase means.

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