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Are you looking for some information on the Valorant game? Here, we have provided the Best Valorant Crosshair Color Codes.

Valorant is a free-to-play shooter game. It is a tactical played among ten people and has over 13 rounds.

In each round, you attack the opposing team and defend when your side is attacked. Besides, each player only has one lifeline per round. This means that you must be able to outsmart the opposing team to ensure your survival.

On Valorant, you can also buy points with your money.

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There are different modes of the games. They include competitive, unranked, deathmatch and spike rush. You can also choose from among the many agents available to access their unique abilities.

Valorant also lets you access customization options, including unique colours. These include custom crosshair colours which can be set using hex codes.

The hexadecimal numbers can help you set desired colours when used in settings.

Below, we have provided the Best Valorant Crosshair Color Codes.

10+ Best Valorant Crosshair Color Codes

How to Change Crosshair Color in Valorant

To change Crosshair Color, open Valorant and select the Esc button. Next, visit the Settings page, then locate the Crosshair section.

From the drop-down list, select Custom and set the required hex code of the colour you want to use. Lastly, press enters to save your selection.

Best Valorant Crosshair Color Codes

  1. #000080: Navy Blue
  2. #00A36C: Jade
  3. #228B22: Forest Green
  4. #3F00FF: Indigo
  5. #542F97: Vanilla
  6. #800000: Maroon
  7. #800020: Burgundy
  8. #800080: Purple
  9. #E0115F: Ruby Red
  10. #F88379: Coral Pink
  11. #FFBF00: Amber


Now, you can access customization options, including custom crosshair colours using hex codes.

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10+ Best Valorant Crosshair Color Codes

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